Color Forecasts

2019 Color of the Year

You might remember past Pantone Colors of the Year—including Radiant Orchid, Ultra Violet, Greenery, Rose Quartz, Emerald, Serenity, and Marsala. You might even have fallen in love with one of those colors, adding it to a room or your entire home. Or you might have decided to wait to see what this year’s color would be. Well, wait no more—this year’s color (which you might have already spotted in fashion trends, home décor, and even appliances) is Pantone Living Coral, a warm and inviting color that many people are loving. At Treasure Coast Window Fashions, we’d love to help you establish this look in your home. Speak with one of our representatives for ideas on how to make it happen! [Read more…]

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Applause®  Vertiglide™ Honeycomb Shade on Sliding Door

Applause® Vertiglide™ Honeycomb Shade on Sliding Door

At Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving West Palm Beach, we’re always happy to help our customers get just the right window treatment to meet all of their needs. And when it comes to large windows like sliders or patio doors, we have a great selection of Hunter Douglas vertical blinds. Even when opened, they provide a visual art-like frame on your door. They’re fashionable and functional at the same time. [Read more…]

The Benefits of Cornices

Parkland® Wood Cornice

Parkland® Wood Cornice

You might be happy with the look and functionality of your current window treatments—or you might be thinking of purchasing new ones. Whichever the case, if you want a fresh look and additional character for your room, consider adding cornices. At Treasure Coast Window Fashions in West Palm Beach, our trained consultants will be happy to help you decide whether a cornice is right for you. [Read more…]

Pantone Adds Minion Yellow

Pantone Shutter GuyIf you love the characters the Minions from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me franchise, you might be interested to hear that Pantone, the leading authority on color matching, is declaring a new color inspired by those little yellow guys. Called “Minion” Yellow, the custom Pantone color will be included in the next color addition in the Fashion, Home+ Interiors color palette. If you’re looking to add the forecasted color—or any other shade—to your home, work with Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving West Palm Beach. We’ll help you match the specific Pantone color you want.

Using Minion Yellow

Just as the sun’s rays lift our spirits and mood, so does the forecasted color of Pantone Minion Yellow, termed “The Color of Intelligence.” Using Minion Yellow will help make us feel that way! Because the color is so vibrant, there are several color combinations that can work well. If you choose to combine several colors, you should keep a balance of 60%-30%-10% to make sure you don’t create competition of color. If you match Minion Yellow with purple, you’ll have a perfect complementary color combination. You’ll have a different look if you use the achromatic brown. A soft look would be a brown room, with yellow as the 30% and purple as the 10% accent color. A more dramatic look would be yellow, indigo, magenta, and black, creating a split complementary combination. [Read more…]

Benefits of a Design Consultation

customer with remote1Have you been wanting to replace or enhance your window treatments but don’t know where to start? Today, our lives are busier than ever and what little free time we have is a precious commodity, so it can be deflating to think of how long it will take to figure out all the design parameters on your own. Don’t worry—our expert consultants can help!

We’ve been serving the West Palm Beach area for years, and we offer design consultations to help you choose the best window treatments for your home or business. [Read more…]

This Year’s Top Interior Design Trends

Sheer Shades - Interior Design TrendWhat’s hot in interior design? Here at Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving the Palm Beach area, we can help you with all your home interior needs. Here are just a few home fashion trends we’re keeping an eye on for 2014.


Heavy drapes are a thing of the past. The look now is for more translucent window treatments that provide privacy but generously bring in natural light. Sheer shades or modern draperies add a delicate touch to your windows. Sheers are a very stylish and highly functional option for sliding glass doors, french doors, and large windows. Narrow sidelights and accent windows are easily covered with sheer shades. [Read more…]

Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid - Pantone Color of the YearIf you haven’t heard of Radiant Orchid yet, it’s a good bet you’ve seen it. Pantone’s color of the year often sets the stage for trends in fashion, window treatments, wall coverings, and interior design. Radiant Orchid is a saturated combination of purple and pink. In homes, Radiant Orchid is being used as an accent color, such as on drapery, window toppers, upholstery and pillows. At Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving the Vero Beach area, our decorators can help find ways to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your home design. Here are just a few ideas: [Read more…]

Color Me Beautiful! How to Use Color in Interior Design

Color in Interior DesignThe colors you choose for your interior design can set the mood for an entire room. How you use color is just as important as which colors you choose. Offering interior design services to the West Palm Beach area, the design professionals at Treasure Coast Window Fashions can help you make your favorite colors work beautifully in any room. Here are some ideas to get you started: [Read more…]

Quick Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorate with fake snowDecorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore. With some creative ideas to get you started you can have fun with decorating! Here are a few simple, inexpensive, and festive ideas.

Snow. Without much of the white stuff here in West Palm Beach, Florida, get some fake snow from your local craft store, or look up a diy recipe online. Throw it on your Christmas tree or outside plants. Use it in craft project with your kids.

Mantle. Using fishing line, tack up large Christmas ornaments or sparkly snowflakes at varying lengths above your mantle. This will draw attention to your mantel decorations and create a more festive atmosphere. [Read more…]

Quick Interior Decorating Ideas

interior design3You don’t need a big budget to give a room a great makeover. Consider these quick and easy-to-implement interior design ideas:

Add More Light

A room’s feel is affected by light and how it’s reflected on different items throughout the room. You can use nicely placed lamps to add light, or adjust the way your window treatments let in light at different times of the day. Mirrors can also help light make its way throughout a room in a diffused way.

Bring in a New Color

A few big names in design have chosen their “colors of the year.” Benjamin Moore Paint is promoting a soothing yellow “Lemon Sorbet.” Pantone, the color giant, has chosen Emerald, a greenish blue that is described as richer than turquoise and deeper than aqua. Either of these colors would give any room a fresh and unique look. [Read more…]