Window Fashion Trends

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™

Although Hunter Douglas window fashions stand the test of time, at Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving Jensen Beach, we’ve certainly seen some fashions rise in popularity over the years. That’s served in part by interior decorating styles and trends as well as in different ways people find controlling light popular. To learn more about the most recent trending styles, read on! [Read more…]

Which Hunter Douglas Product Is Right for You?

Now that the new year is upon us, many people are looking at making updates to their homes, including new window fashions. But with all the options and decisions, shopping for window treatments can be daunting. At Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving West Palm Beach, we’re here to make the shopping experience more enjoyable and fruitful for you. [Read more…]

Protect Your Privacy with the Right Window Coverings

Window Coverings for PrivacyProviding privacy is a primary function of window coverings. Here at Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving West Palm Beach, many newer homes have smaller properties that may require special window treatments for privacy. With today’s wide variety of window treatments and installation options, you can have privacy without completely blocking your source of natural light. See some of our most popular options below. [Read more…]

Are Your Window Treatments Child-Safe?

Child Safe Window TreatmentsIt’s October, and this month signifies more than just the transition of seasons. October is also Child Safety Month. As part of nationwide effort to reduce accidents among children, the window treatments industry urges all homeowners to take a look at their window coverings to make sure they’re safe. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, window coverings with dangling cords are among the top five hidden hazards in American homes. [Read more…]

What’s the Difference Between Pleated Shades and Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb ShadesWe have a lot of  customers here in the Vero Beach area who are looking for a window covering similar to the classic pleated shade. The history of pleated shades goes like this: consumers were tiring of draperies on every window and wanted a new option that kept soft look but wasn’t as bulky. Energy efficiency was also important. Pleated shades entered the window covering scene and continued to evolve. In 1985, Hunter Douglas launched the revolutionary proprietary window treatment called Duette® Honeycomb shades, featuring a unique honeycomb construction that was considered highly energy efficient and offered built-in insulating factors to keep heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter. [Read more…]

Improved Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas

New honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas are more energy efficient.

New honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas are more energy efficient.

Even Better Energy Efficiency – Perfect for Florida Summers

The newest innovation in the Hunter Douglas Architella line of honeycomb shades is the Duette Architella Trielle™. Architella honeycomb shades provide a high level of energy efficiency with honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design, reducing energy loss up to 40% at the window. The new Trielle style delivers 20% more energy efficiency than original Architella honeycomb shades. With the hot summers we experience here in the West Palm Beach area, it’s important to make sure our air conditioning systems are as efficient as possible. Considering that 50% of air conditioning is lost through the windows, having highly energy efficient honeycomb shades can significantly reduce air conditioning costs. [Read more…]