How to Select Window Coverings for Your Doors

Door Window CoveringsWe often have clients ask us about coverings for doors versus coverings for windows. Contrast in interior design can give a room more depth, interest, or style. This is true for window and door coverings, too. It’s okay to have one type of window covering in one room, and a different type in another — or even in the same room! And when you’re considering your design options for windows and doors, contrast is sometimes a necessity.

Remember Function as Well as Style for Your Doors

Certainly, style is a top priority. But without the perfect functionality, you’ll find even the most beautiful window treatments won’t last long. A door serves a much different purpose than a window, which means it should be looked at differently from a style perspective, too. For example, if your living room has two windows and a sliding glass door, and your adjacent kitchen has a large but short window over the sink and a skylight, you have several distinct window covering needs. [Read more…]