Color Inspiration for Your Home

Neutral colors in interior designAt Treasure Coast serving the West Palm Beach area, we understand the power of color in your interior design. Lately, the trends in color for your home seem to pointing to the use of neutral soft pastel colors accessorized with splashes of bolder color. You can bring these trends into your home by using vibrant fabrics for pillows, drapery panels, top treatments and area rugs. Some of the neutral colors gaining in popularity include: [Read more…]

How to Plan a Remodeling Project

Window Treatment MeasuringThe look and feel of your home is so important to how you feel when you’re there. It’s like the saying goes, “there’s no place like home!” Whether you’ve lived in your home for 2 years or 2 decades, remodeling projects can help improve your life at home. At Treasure Coast Window Fashions, we understand how important your home remodeling project is to you. From window treatments to interior design, we’re committed to your 100% satisfaction. Call us to schedule a consultation. [Read more…]

This Year’s Top Interior Design Trends

Sheer Shades - Interior Design TrendWhat’s hot in interior design? Here at Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving the Palm Beach area, we can help you with all your home interior needs. Here are just a few home fashion trends we’re keeping an eye on for 2014.


Heavy drapes are a thing of the past. The look now is for more translucent window treatments that provide privacy but generously bring in natural light. Sheer shades or modern draperies add a delicate touch to your windows. Sheers are a very stylish and highly functional option for sliding glass doors, french doors, and large windows. Narrow sidelights and accent windows are easily covered with sheer shades. [Read more…]

Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Best Window Treatments for BathroomsWe’re hearing a lot these days about people renovating their bathrooms, and many of our clients are wondering which window treatments work best in a bathroom. Every room comes with specific functional requirements with regard to its window treatments. Window treatments for bathrooms need to meet three requirements: privacy, durability, and light control. Let’s take a look at some of the best options. [Read more…]

Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid - Pantone Color of the YearIf you haven’t heard of Radiant Orchid yet, it’s a good bet you’ve seen it. Pantone’s color of the year often sets the stage for trends in fashion, window treatments, wall coverings, and interior design. Radiant Orchid is a saturated combination of purple and pink. In homes, Radiant Orchid is being used as an accent color, such as on drapery, window toppers, upholstery and pillows. At Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving the Vero Beach area, our decorators can help find ways to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your home design. Here are just a few ideas: [Read more…]

Decorate Your Patio with Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor Fabric DraperyHere in the Palm Beach, FL, area, our patios are often extensions of our home. Design elements for outside are plentiful, and can carry through a theme from inside, or create a brand new look. Today’s quality outdoor fabric is just as soft and stunning as the fabric on your dining room windows or your living room chairs. Functionally, today’s choices in outdoor fabric have you completely covered, and aesthetically, the choice of colors, patterns, and textures has never been better. [Read more…]

Color Me Beautiful! How to Use Color in Interior Design

Color in Interior DesignThe colors you choose for your interior design can set the mood for an entire room. How you use color is just as important as which colors you choose. Offering interior design services to the West Palm Beach area, the design professionals at Treasure Coast Window Fashions can help you make your favorite colors work beautifully in any room. Here are some ideas to get you started: [Read more…]

What’s Popular with Window Coverings?

Vignette Traversed Window Treatments for Large Windows

Vignette Traversed Window Treatments for Large Windows

Here at Treasure Coast Window Fashions, we love to stay informed about the most popular window covering applications. New window covering options are coming out every day, and it’s exciting to see what’s grabbing the attention of our clients around the West Palm Beach area. Our professional design consultants understand how popular trends in interior design affect your window covering choices. Take a look at just a few of the most recent trends in the industry.

Versatile Window Treatments for Large Windows

Harnessing the beauty of natural light takes the perfect window covering. As windows are made with better insulating factors to be energy-efficient, extra large windows are a more viable design option than ever before. One of our most versatile window coverings for larger windows is the new Vignette® Traversed™ with Vertiglide™ Modern Roman Shades. Offering the perfect balance between fashion-forward style and light control, these window coverings are perfect for expansive windows and doors. [Read more…]

Quick Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorate with fake snowDecorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be a chore. With some creative ideas to get you started you can have fun with decorating! Here are a few simple, inexpensive, and festive ideas.

Snow. Without much of the white stuff here in West Palm Beach, Florida, get some fake snow from your local craft store, or look up a diy recipe online. Throw it on your Christmas tree or outside plants. Use it in craft project with your kids.

Mantle. Using fishing line, tack up large Christmas ornaments or sparkly snowflakes at varying lengths above your mantle. This will draw attention to your mantel decorations and create a more festive atmosphere. [Read more…]

How to Select Window Coverings for Your Doors

Door Window CoveringsWe often have clients ask us about coverings for doors versus coverings for windows. Contrast in interior design can give a room more depth, interest, or style. This is true for window and door coverings, too. It’s okay to have one type of window covering in one room, and a different type in another — or even in the same room! And when you’re considering your design options for windows and doors, contrast is sometimes a necessity.

Remember Function as Well as Style for Your Doors

Certainly, style is a top priority. But without the perfect functionality, you’ll find even the most beautiful window treatments won’t last long. A door serves a much different purpose than a window, which means it should be looked at differently from a style perspective, too. For example, if your living room has two windows and a sliding glass door, and your adjacent kitchen has a large but short window over the sink and a skylight, you have several distinct window covering needs. [Read more…]