Be a Well Informed Window Fashions Shopper

Window FashionsSelecting the best window fashions for your home is an exciting task that can also feel a little overwhelming. With so many options available to cover your windows, it’s sometimes tough to know where to start. Serving the West Palm Beach area, the window fashions professional at Treasure Coast Window Fashions can give you the help you need. Below are some common questions our window fashions shoppers often ask.

What are the Different Window Fashion Types?

Within the overarching topic of window fashions are specific window fashion types. These include blinds, shutters, shades, sheers, and shadings. Custom drapery and curtains are also types of window fashions. Within each of those window fashion types, there are many varieties with differing qualities. Your best bet to determine what window fashion type you like best is to explore our site in more detail, visit our showroom, or schedule an in-home consultation.

How do Window Fashions Control Light and Privacy?

Light control is blocking and allowing in the amount of light you prefer for a particular window. Unless you have a very specific need, such as complete blackout light blocking in a bedroom, every window treatment type provides some light control. Each window fashion option controls light differently, and also impacts the privacy you need in a room. For example, blinds offer flexibility in the amount of light blocked and the privacy offered by simply opening and closing the slats. This operation is simple and reliable but tends to offer only light or privacy, not both at the same time. Honeycomb shades, on the other hand, offer privacy while allowing light in.

How do Window Fashions Affect Home Decor?

How your window fashions function is important, but so is how they look. After all, you’ll be living with your window fashions for years. The right window fashions not only complement your decor, but can even be a visual focus or key component of a room. You may have an eye for interior design and know exactly what you’re looking for. Or, you may need some help choosing the type, style, color, and material of your window treatments. Here at Treasure Coast Window Fashions, we provide personalized service based on each customer’s specific needs. We’ll help you find the perfect window treatment for your room decor, functional needs, and budget.

Window Fashions in West Palm Beach FL

Treasure Coast Window Fashions provides more than just the finest window coverings. Our owners are involved in every project from start to finish to ensure your window covering project exceeds your expectations. We’re proud to serve the greater West Palm Beach area. Please contact us at 772-220-8870 or visit our showroom in Stuart, FL, for more information about our products and services. Contact us to learn more.