Discover the Style of Roller Shades

Roller ShadesWhen you think of roller shades, you probably think of the cheap plastic shade that’s difficult to get positioned in exactly the right place. Today’s roller shades offer much more! At Treasure Coast Window Fashions serving the greater Palm Beach area, we carry a wide variety of high quality roller shades with many style and functionality options. Stop by our showroom in Stuart to see full-size displays!

Why Choose Roller Shades?

Roller shades are a classic window treatment that has been updated with beautiful styles, colors, and textures. They can be used in any room of your home, adding a touch of style while providing an easy-to-operate cover for your windows. Consider these reasons to select roller shades over other types of window treatments.

Classic, simple look. The simplicity of roller shades gives them a versatile style that will work in any room. Their sleekness will not feel bulky or get in the way, making them the ideal choice for any window. For bedrooms, optional blackout features help you sleep soundly.

Value. Even though roller shades have come a long way with a variety of style options, their simplistic design still makes them an affordable window treatment option.

Ease of use. Roller shades are easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. With a simple clutch system, opening and closing your is easy. Motorization options put control of your roller shades at your fingertips! To clean and maintain your roller shades, simply wipe them off with a damp cloth.

Stylistic Add-ons to Your Designer Roller Shades

There are many ways you can customize the look of your Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades. The standard roller shade has fabric covering the roll at the top of the shade and the bar at the bottom. Here are a few options to add decorative elements to those areas of your shades:

  • Add 2” designer tape trim for the bottom of your shade to accentuate colors and textures. Placed at the bottom of the shade, the tape trim replaces the bottom bar of the shade.
  • Instead of standard hem at the bottom of your shade, you can add decorative hems. Decorative hems are best for kitchens and living areas as their specialized shapes can sometimes leave gaps where light can get in.
  • Select a faux wood slat in place of the standard bottom bar, available in nine color choices.
  • For a clean, sleek look, choose the fabric-wrapped Cassette system to conceal the fabric roll at the top of the shade.

Roller Shades in Palm Beach FL

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