Quick Interior Decorating Ideas

interior design3You don’t need a big budget to give a room a great makeover. Consider these quick and easy-to-implement interior design ideas:

Add More Light

A room’s feel is affected by light and how it’s reflected on different items throughout the room. You can use nicely placed lamps to add light, or adjust the way your window treatments let in light at different times of the day. Mirrors can also help light make its way throughout a room in a diffused way.

Bring in a New Color

A few big names in design have chosen their “colors of the year.” Benjamin Moore Paint is promoting a soothing yellow “Lemon Sorbet.” Pantone, the color giant, has chosen Emerald, a greenish blue that is described as richer than turquoise and deeper than aqua. Either of these colors would give any room a fresh and unique look.

Create a New Accent Wall

Use a unique wallpaper pattern or bold paint color to make one wall the focal point in any room. Hang complementary art on that wall and move a nice piece of furniture there.

Design with Decorative Pillows and Other Soft Treatments

Well-placed decorative pillows, as well as custom fabric window treatments, can add unique patterns and textures any room. They can also bring color schemes and themes together from room to room.

Go Clutterless

Whether it’s yesterday’s mail, last week’s schoolwork, or a month’s worth of coupons, disorganized spaces detract from any room’s design. Create storage spaces for common clutter such as for papers, mail, toys, coats, and other items that can take away from the style of your room.

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